This blog is about Golang concurrency patterns

In this blog, we will learn about Golang Concurrency, Channels, Buffered Channels, Mutex, Sync, Context and issues which can occur if we don't synchronize threads.

Well, concurrency is running multiple tasks at the same time with shared resources. Concurrency is not parallelism, Parallelism…

Byte Buffer to Hashmap and vice versa

Exchange Parser for fast data transmission

This repository is all about parsing byte array to hashmap and vice versa. Why one should use byte array rather than JSON. There are many reasons behind that

  1. Small Packet
  2. Hackers cannot easily decode unless they have…

Step by step implementation of GRPC in Golang

GRPC is basically remote method invocation or you can say remote procedural call developed by google which uses Protocol buffers as a messaging format using HTTP/2 protocol.

gRPC is a modern open-source high-performance RPC framework that can run in any environment. It…

Video streaming with RTMP module using Nginx webserver

Nowadays video streaming is a trend and people are crazy about facebook live, twitch tv and some other applications, but how these applications are built, what sort of protocols are used to do such streaming and people are viewing these streams in…

Image is taken from Azure Credit goes to Microsoft for the image.

Basic understanding of Web Socket. What is Web Socket and how it differs from TCP sockets So Web Socket is actually TCP sockets but it establishes handshake in a more secure and different way? It works on an…

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